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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Fort Clatsop

Fort Clatsop, the fort which Lewis and Clark built after they reached the Pacific Ocean, burned to the ground Monday evening. It is not a terribly historic lost, since it is a reconstruction which was built in 1955. It was constructed using modern methods, much differently than the crude fort that was hastily constructed in the rainy month of December 1805. Plus, it wasn't even built on the original site. That location has been lost to history. However, it was a much visited attraction, and it did give you an excellent first hand look at what life was like for the Corps of Discovery that winter, far from civilization. Plus, this is the 200th Anniversary of the expedition, and many events were planned for the Fort in the coming months. So it is an ill timed loss to say the least. The good news is the Park Service has already said it will rebuilt the Fort. There have already been offers to donate timber and volunteer labor. But this is the Government we're talking about here. Lets see how long it takes to built Fort Clatsop in 2005. I guarantee you it will take quite a bit longer than it did in 1805. Here are a few pictures from my visit to Fort Clatsop in 2003.


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