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This website is where I post travel photos from my various travels. It is a random sampling of some of my favorite pictures and places, rather that a travelogue type of format. I prefer this site to be a photographic glimpse of places in general. I hope you enjoy. ***NOTE: I don't update this blog frequently any longer. If you'd like to see more of my photos you can check out my Flickr site here: My Travel Photos

Location: Camano Island, Washington, United States

Sunday, May 29, 2005

St. Thomas, USVI

I would have to say that St. Thomas has to be my least favorite Caribbean island. It touts itself as being the Duty Free Capital of the World, a shoppers paradise. Personally I don't see it. Maybe they have good prices on jewelry, perfume and booze. I wouldn't know...those items don't interest me. However, one thing I am familar with is electronics. And, in that department, St. Thomas is no bargain. We priced digital cameras, camcorders, and video game systems in a few stores, and without exception, everything was at list price. We can easily get much better deals at home. But more annoying to us is the aggressive nature of the people you meet in downtown Charlotte Amalie. There are barkers and hucksters lining Main Street, trying their best to steer you into their wonderful Duty Free shop. I was wearing a Seattle Mariners baseball cap, and had one guy tells me they're having an Ichiro special today. Another guy had a Safeco Field special. Some people might find this amusing, but I find it extremely irritating. The taxi drivers are just as bad. We stepped out of the taxi at the downtown stand (which happens to be in the middle of the flea market), and were immediately accosted by 4 or 5 taxi drivers wanting to take us on an island tour. This was stepping out of a cab that this happened! We had one cab driver walk along side us for half a block, talking a mile a minute, not taking No for an answer. Not a pleasant morning at all. There are some scenic places to go, however. Margens Bay supposedly has one of the world's top 10 beaches. And Trunk Bay, over on the island on St. John is a nice place to go snorkling. But, for us at least, we are staying out of Charlotte Amalie in the future.

This is the harbor at Charlotte Amalie as seen from the deck of our cruise ship. Looks innocent enough, doesn't it? Posted by Hello

This is along Main Street in downtown Charlotte Amalie. How many Jewelry stores can you spot in this picture? Posted by Hello

There are some pleasant looking side alleys that run off of Main Street. This particular one had only two Royal Caribbean Duty Free shops along it. Posted by Hello

Fort Christian was originally constructed in the 1670's. Today it houses a museum on the history of the islands, but unfortunately it was closed the day we were there. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 22, 2005


Dominica is one of the most scenic of all the Caribbean islands, and it is also one of my favorites. It is not a major tourist island full of all inclusive beach resorts. And that I think, it it's biggest charm. It has the feel of an older, slower Caribbean. The main reason for this is the fact that there are no good, sandy beaches to be found on the island. It is a rugged, mountainous island full of waterfalls, boiling lakes, emerald pools, and other natural wonders. The island attracts the low key Eco-Tourism market. I found the local people to be friendly, and very polite. On more than one occasion while taking pictures in the city of Roseau, the people walking down the street stopped until I completed my shot, smiled a 'Hello' at me and continued on. I highly recommend Dominica to anyone looking for a slice of the 'other' Caribbean.

This shot was taken from the deck of our cruise ship, looking at the city of Roseau. You can see how the rugged mountains begin right at the edge of town. Mountains cover most of the island, the tallest being nearly 5,000 feet high. Pretty impressive for an island that's only 16 miles at it's widest. Posted by Hello

This view of the capital city, Roseau, was taken from a viewpoint above the Botanical Gardens. Posted by Hello

This is a typical street scene in Roseau. I just loved the colorful architecture. Many of the buildings have second story balconies. The city bustles with activity, yet it seemed to me to be a safe city, with very friendly people. Posted by Hello

Here's a shot of the rugged interior of the island. The road to Trafalgar Falls cuts through the lower half of the frame. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 16, 2005


Barbados is a very pleasant Caribbean island. The people tend to be what you might call "Proper British". They are polite and dignified. The capital, Bridgetown, is a bustling city, and is well worth a visit. The island itself isn't the most dramatic in the Caribbean. It is mostly rolling hills. The main beaches are located on the west side of the island. The eastern shore is more rugged. Overall, Barbados is one of the nicer islands in the Caribbean.

Sunbury Plantation House dates back to the 1660's. It has very attractive grounds, and all the rooms are open for viewing, full of period furnishings. Posted by Hello

St. John's Anglican Church was built in 1836. It is a classic stone church, very similar to ones we've seen in England. There is an interesting cemetery out back, as well at a terrific view of the east coast of Barbados. Posted by Hello

Let's play follow the tourist at Gun Hill Signal Station. Posted by Hello

You do get a nice view of the island from the lookout station there. Posted by Hello

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Isla Margarita

Isla Margarita is an interesting study of contrasts. There is a great deal of poverty on the island, and we saw people living in shacks with no doors or windows. On the other hand, there are plenty of signs of wealth on Isla Margarita. The roads are in good condition. Many of them are wide 4 lane highways. There are numerous enclosed malls and big box stores that are very similar to the United States. Downtown Porlamar, the island's largest city, is full of upscale stores and restaurants. There are many nice resort hotels. But there are just as many empty shells of construction sites that were begun, then abandoned. Part of Venezuela, Isla Margarita is a pretty island. It has a desert look to it, and is punctuated with numerous hills and mountains. There are many historical attractions to visit. Isla Margarita is trying hard to become a destination island in the Caribbean, and I feel that they can very easily become one in the future.

This scenic little fishing village called Playa Valdes is located just east of the city of Porlamar. Posted by Hello

Santa Rosa Fortress is a small fort located on a hill overlooking the capital city, La Asuncion. Posted by Hello

The Shrine of El Valle is a beautiful Catholic church. Pilgrims come to El Valle to ask favors of Our Lady of El Valle. Her statue can be found all over the island. Posted by Hello

Adjacent to the Shrine is the birthplace home of Santiago Marino, a leader of Venezuela's Independence from Spain. The house and grounds is now an attractive museum. Posted by Hello

Monday, May 02, 2005


Curacao is one of the wealthiest islands in the Caribbean. This is due to the numerous oil reserves found in the nearby waters. The entire island is dotted with oil refineries. Still, Curacao is a very pleasant island to visit. I didn't visit the interior of the island. We consentrated on the Punda neighborhood of the largest city, Willemstad. Willemstad is a great city for walking. It has some of the best architecture in the Caribbean, along with numerous pedestrian only streets. There is a lively waterfront, European style outdoor cafes, and friendly people. One of our favorite Caribbean islands.

Willemstad is the prettiest city in the Caribbean. It is full of Dutch style pastel colored building. This view is of the waterfront street, Handelskade.  Posted by Hello

The Queen Emma Bridge is the lifeline of Willemstad, connecting the two sections of town, Punda and Otrabanda. The waterway is the main shipping canal, and the entire bridge swings open up to 20 times a day to let everything from a sailboat to a cruise ship through. Posted by Hello

The Punda neighborhood of Willemstad has numerous pedestrian only streets to explore. Posted by Hello

Fort Amsterdam, parts of which dates to 1635, currently houses the Seat of Government for the Netherland Antilles. Posted by Hello